Highly-Customised Services Complementing Our Analysis Tools

Professional Services

Synectique's Inventive Analysis tools are very powerful, yet easy-to-use. However, it goes without a saying that serious and profound code analysis is a highly challenging task. A task that is not a daily task at most clients' sites. Given that your development team has usually other priorities, you may desire to take advantage of select professional services on top of our software tools to ensure the best possible outcome. Our experts can guide you to make the best use of the tools you license from us and so get a better understanding of your software environment. We can empower IT managers by providing contextual and problem-focused reporting.

Read below about the type of professional services that we offer in order to help you and your organisation to thrive by takíng the right decisions for reduced maintenance efforts and improved software quality. Your internal clients will certainly appreciate your insight and strategic moves!

Customised analysis

There may be situations when the analysis of code alone is just not enough. We can help you finding additional pieces of information available in your information system and integrating this into your analysis. Being able to use both code and information external to your code is a very powerful solution if you are keen getting answers to very complex questions.

This combination of sources in a highly customised analysis delivers valuable data: to explain misbehaviours, bad performances and security leaks, to identify where bugs arise, to check if your automatic tests cover the most critical parts of your application and if your developers' skills match your expectations. All of this can dramatically improve the robustness of your environment.


Despite the fact your team is certainly very experienced and knows the code very well, code analysis is neither trivial nor obvious. What to look for, where to search, how to gather the information, how to automate checks that good practices are respected? Obviously, our experts use our Inventive Analysis tools on a daily basis and know them inside out.

We can train your software architects and developers to raise the right questions, to choose the best approach to organise their own work and, if they don’t know where to start, to give them the tools they need to find their own way. Get in touch if you desire a knowledge transfer targeted to your own programming language.


Oftentimes, your internal teams are just too busy and too involved in the day-to-day business and thus do not easily have a chance to do a thorough audit of their own work. Synectique can handle this for you, analyse your environment, provide insightful reporting and recommendations for next steps.

Part of the in-depth analysis will be checks regarding the adherence to rules and best practices, estimations regarding the technical debts and calculations regarding a possible backlog of certain processes. With all of this data in hand, Synectique's experts will help you taking the right decision to improve the quality of your applications and prioritising the respective projects.


If an audit isn’t enough, Synectique can walk you through the entire analytical process, provide constant assistance and advice - or even do the job on your behalf.

On site or off site, alone or with your team, we can put in place repeatable processes that will allow you to permanently master your environment, sustain your development efforts and improve the quality and the robustness of your business applications.

Specific developments

Every information system is different. The “one size fits all” solution is just impossible. Your business is unique, your expectations of your team is unique, the way your team develops is unique, your company best practices and internal rules are unique. So it's just natural that you may have needs, ideas or requirements that existing code analysis tools cannot provide.

Synectique is ready to deliver upon this. Based on our expertise, we can outline, develop and build specific visualisations, browsers, tools or any usable item or process you can think of. Our experts are scientific researchers, and they solved all our clients' analytical tasks as of today. Come and challenge us!

Professional Services

Quite often bugs and malfunctions aren’t the main reasons, but rather the symptoms of deeper misbehaviors that may cause even more damage to your systems. In using all available information about your code, your development team, your best practices and your environment, Synectique's experts can help you identifying the real problems and clearly outlining the potential solutions you have available to solve those issues going forward.