Achieve a more consistent, modular and manageable code environment

Class Redesign Assistant

Does this sound familiar to you?

  • God classes with several hundred thousand lines of code and unmanageable dependencies
  • Huge methods and intermingled concepts
  • Impossible to reuse or unit test
  • Cyclic dependencies in too many directions

If you feel that classes and methods need to be broken into more meaningful and better manageable units, you should check out our Class Redesign Assistant.

Our Class Redesign Assistant helps you to identify problematic areas in your system in order to achieve a better structure of classes.

  • Identification of issues:
    Visualisations help to interactively distinguish the concepts which are implemented in a class. These concepts can be refactored into several different classes and each one takes care of one and only one function/concept.


  • Dependencies between functionalities:
    Once functions/concepts are identified, the Class Redesign Assistant suggests to assess the new structure and analyse the dependencies.


  • Explore and assess:
    Once you separated homogenous concepts and assigned them to their own units, you will better understand the new structure and become able to enforce your set of rules.

  • Advanced capabilities:
    You can let the Class Redesign Assistant create the code of new components, automatically. You can then quickly verify whether your intentions are met and in which regards you will still need to fine-tune.