Process-oriented Analysis for Quality Source Code

When analysing code, it may happen that the results of your first investigations lead to more and even more complex questions. And regularly, IT managers and developers get frustrated because they reach the limits of their existing tools, thus not being able to analyse their code as they desire and require. This is where Synectique's Inventive Analysis tools come in.

Synectique has the unique capability to explore your environment, take into account the processes specific to your company, build the respective reports and then develop dedicated tools that we make available to you. Because we iterate and reiterate until we find the right solution and the best approach, we can guarantee to provide the insight that you are looking for so that you can take well-founded decisions and save your company lots of maintenance budget.

The tools iReArchitecture and the Class Redesign Assistant are two examples for such innovative cooperation with our customers.

Examples for subjects of process-oriented analysis:
  • Migration support
  • Check of test coverage
  • Maps of developer expertise
  • Evaluation of outsourcing potential
  • Smart domain-specific cross-referencers
  • Program transformation
  • Remodularisation
  • Information system map
Analyses tools developement

Inventive Analysis for Specific Tasks

Inventive Analysis Solutions

Our Inventive Analysis solutions offer various tools for computing software metrics, identifying cluster, using filter, visualising and navigating your code and data. One of the most compelling advantages: You can integrate the results, which you received from one analysis into the model of the software for the next analysis - even if you move from one Inventive Analysis tool to another! This facilitates a smooth and iterative approach of creating and redefining analysis incrementally.