From team management to software quality improvement

Philippe VALENZA – General Manager

Philippe VALENZA – CEO

During his career, Philippe had the opportunity to hold several roles within the computer and software development industry.

Over the last decade, he focused on customer communication management systems and their impact on the revenues of large financial services companies. Previously, as an independent consultant, he was in charge of sales and business development for an American software company.

Together with Stéphane Ducasse, he came up with the idea of creating "Synectique" in 2010. The company itself was founded a few years later, in 2013. Based on his deep understanding of the commercial software development world, operational team management as well as marketing and sales processes, Philippe brings additional invaluable knowledge to the team and acts as the missing link between the academic world and the real business environment.

His dedication is to provide Synectique's clients an intuitive and efficient solution that enables them to streamline their maintenance processes and optimise the evolution of their existing applications.