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Dedicated Tool - Inventive Analysis for Java

Inventive Analysis Java

All you wanted to know about your Java applications

Synectique’s added value for Java:

Our ambition isn’t to just provide another new tool for analysing Java code. Based on our deep experience of program patterns, software analysis and best practices, we created a tool that not only looks at the code itself, but also on its entire environment including bugs, logs and activity analysis. So on top of the standard metrics any other analysis tool can deliver about the code, Inventive Analysis provides profound insight into the architecture of the application and outlines howyour Java code works and how it is embedded in its heterogeneous environment.

Components for Java
(on top of Inventive Analysis’ standard features)

  • Code reusability
  • Understands the usage of Java annotations
  • Multi-language application maps and interactions.
God Class Refactoring
  • Helps to interactively isolate the different concepts implemented in the code
  • Allows classes to be split automatically and new concept-centric classes to be created
  • Permits to explore and analyse these new classes to validate the new structure
  • Simplifies breaking huge methods into smaller, manageable chunks to increase code reusability
Rule Checker
  • Validates dedicated rules for tge Java code
  • base
  • Customised technical debt
Modernisation of the Architecture
  • Supports the design of a new architecture
  • Allocates existing classes and concepts to the new environment
  • Assesses and validates the new design through a deep analysis of its main features