Modularise your big C++ code and build a more agile and robust system!

Dedicated Tool - Inventive Analysis for C++

Analysis C

Remove inconsistencies and create a more modular and robust application structure

Sample C++ customer project:

The challenge was very high. After adding methods into a finite number of classes that had been created years ago, the developers were finally unable to run any unit test. The inconsistencies of classes and packages that contained several hundred thousand lines of code were so numerous that the team spent the last five years trying to find a way to create a new consistent and manageable environment – in vain. The complexity was just too high.

Taking advantage of Inventive Analysis tools that can cope with extremely complex tasks, the client was able to to detect inconsistencies and to determine which patterns were to use in order to create homogenous subsets of functionalities. The task force were also empowered to flag concepts and to define a “class breaker” that automatically creates new coherent classes.

Components for C++
(on top of Inventive Analysis’ standard features)

Code Analyser
  • Capable of tagging concepts
  • Visualises the concepts contained in an entity
  • Highlights critical code
Tree Browser
  • Visualises the concepts implemented in a class
  • Refactors concepts
    (Inventive Analysis automatically creates new consistent classes by taking care of one single concept).
  • Assesses the new structure and analyses the dependencies
Modernisation of the Architecture
  • Allows the design of a new architecture
  • Allocates new and existing components to the new environment
  • Automatically checks consistency, robustness and comprehensiveness