Dedicated Maintenance Solutions for Code Analysis

Software systems are very complex and often exhibit problems that are linked to the programming language and the specific context in which they are used. Specific problems require specific solutions. It is therefore fundamental to use dedicated tools that are adapted to the context of the respective software system.
Synectique's unique expertise is the development of such tools that are optimised to analyse a specific programming language. In using such tools, you take the most out of your investments, easily manage your software evolution and feel comfortable taking concrete, well-founded decisions.
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Inventive Analysis – Specific versions

Packaged products: Combining various tools for your specific language

We combined a set of tools to address a large number of questions and issues that software architects and developers face in their day-to-day businesses. For instance, general maintenance indicators, language-oriented browsers and visualisations, specific rules and metrics. This way, we ensure you have all the tools at hand that you require in order to learn all about your applications.

Please choose your programming language from the list below and get more information about the respective product.
Should you not find your language, please get in touch with us, we're constantly expanding our portfolio.

General Feature for all Software

  • Code Metrics and analysis of source code and individual program entities
  • Change impact analysis
  • Cyclomatic complexity, code reusability, duplicated and dead code
  • Detection of language and domain-specific coding patterns, e.g. reflective calls
  • Detection of comments, commented code, programming language instructions
  • Customised rules and technical debt
  • Smart queries on your software structure
  • Trends of metrics and fine-grained follow-up of the evolving code
  • PDF and CSV reports
Components of Inventive Toolkit for all Application
  • Code metrics for layers, packages, programs, classes, methods, variables or any kind of entity that is relevant for the language
  • Metrics for incoming and outgoing links and communication between components
  • Comments or commented code
  • Cyclomatic complexity
  • Dead and duplicated code

Inventive Analysis

Our platform "Inventive Analysis" allows to easily add new parsers, create new information models, invent new metrics and find new visualisations or new ways to interact. We enable you to explore and study all aspects of any given problem, to have a look at your applications from any thinkable point of view and, at the end, to have all required information at hand to take the very best decision for your software evolution.