Synectique, the Experts for Business Intelligence and Software Evolution

Synectique (*) was founded in 2013 as a spin-off of INRIA, the French National Institute for Research Science. Each of the four founders, all long-term experts in the IT domain, has in-depth experiences in software development and particularly the requirements and challenges that come along with the maintenance and migration process. The company's goal is to support software teams by providing highly specific tools that respond to the client's analytical problem, also taking into account the client's domain and its specific constraints.

Our clients neither have to perform lengthy manual analyses nor do they need to cope with off-the-shelf solutions. Our tools allow an automatic yet very customised analysis of your code base. You will gain detailed knowledge about your specific area of interest - and this will enable you to take accurate decisions for your future development efforts.

"Inventive Analysis" is Synectique's flagship product, a comprehensive and sophisticated solution based on meta-models which are fully independent of the data that needs to be analysed. This approach enables it to understand, integrate and analyse any programming language and/or any related information.

The Inventive Analysis tools provide rich and powerful interfaces to filter and manipulate data, predefined customisable tools and the opportunity to rapidly and easily create specific toolkits totally dedicated to your own problems and research.

In short: Inventive Analysis make the maintenance process faster, easier and more efficient.

(*) Synectics is a problem solving methodology that stimulates thought processes of which the subject may be unaware. This method was developed by George M. Prince and William J.J. Gordon. Synectics is a way to approach creativity and problem-solving in a rational way. One important element in creativity is embracing the seemingly irrelevant. Emotion is emphasized over intellect and the irrational over the rational. Through understanding the emotional and irrational elements of a problem or idea, a group can be more successful at solving a problem.

The founders

Christophe ALLERGRINI – Lead Developer

Christophe is Synectique's Lead Developer.

After having worked in project management positions often in connection with applied research, he had the opportunity to develop several light and innovative middleware.

As specialist in symbolic computing, he has always been keen to create software systems that are simple to maintain and ergonomic in use, often based on light domain specific language.

Philippe VALENZA – General Manager

During his career, Philippe had the opportunity to hold several roles within the computer and software development industry.

Over the last decade, he focused on customer communication management systems and their impact on the revenues of large financial services companies. Previously, as an independent consultant, he was in charge of sales and business development for an American software company.

Nicolas ANQUETIL - Scientific Advisor

Assistant Professor at University of Lille-1;
Associate Professor RMoD team, INRIA

Since 1996, Nicolas developed and continues to develop an approach of what software maintenance is and how to best deal with. He considers creating and maintaining software systems as a knowledge-intensive task. It needs a good understanding of the application domain, the problem to solve and all its requirements, the software process used, technical details of the programming language(s), the system’s architecture and how the different parts fit together, how the system interacts with its environment, etc. All this knowledge is difficult and costly to gather. It is also difficult to store and usually lives only in the mind of the software engineers who worked on a particular project.

Stéphane DUCASSE – Scientific Advisor

Head of RMoD team, INRIA (Lille, France)

The key research theme of INRIA's RMoD team is the production of software, especially the challenges linked to long-living software (i.e. "How do we maintain software?", "How do we update software?"). Stéphane's fields of interests are: dynamic languages, reflective systems, meta-programming, meta-object protocols, reengineering of object-oriented applications, program visualisation, maintenance and dynamic languages.

What Synectique
Can Do for Your Software Evolution

Synectique will help and guide your software engineers to outline their problems and to raise the right questions, to use our tools to explore all available paths, to find the answers to your questions and, finally, to analyse the results so that you can take well-founded decisions. We support you in assessing your software and summarising the results in meaningful reports and presentations.

Code Analysis in Action